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Charles Wagner writes to Martha after reading about winning the Pictorial Review prize and wants to visit while he is down in Atlanta this winter.

Martha writes to Dr. Vincent asking him if he would fill out the recommendation blank for the pictoral review award.

Florence J. Vaughn writes on behalf of Mrs. Ladd to ask the number of children enrolled at The Berry Schools because she's thinking of them as Christmas nears. She congratulates Miss Berry on her recent award and says they're disappointed that they didn't get a visit from her.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. A. T. Vance, editor of the Pictorial Review, enclosing her photograph.

In this letter the Arthur Vance asks Martha Berry for an 8 x 10 picture of herself without a hat.

Rowe, Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of South Carolina, writes that he learned of Berry's work in the Pictorial Review. He enjoys his own work in higher education, but regrets that he did not take the opportunity to return to the countryside where he was born and do good work such as Berry does.

In this letter Martha Berry asks if Mr. Underwood will endorse her for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award. She also asks how much the Tidwell Cottage will cost.

Martha Berry asks President Taft to fill out the Recommendation Blank for the Pictorial Review Award Committee. The award is given to an American woman based on her accomplishments over a ten year period. Miss Berry encloses a list of her accomplishments and asks for his recommendation in his own words.


Rayme Moore-Sifford writes that he wrote to Miss Berry with the Pictorial Review but didn't get a reply so he tried again. He asks if she would be willing to be interviewed for a group of southern papers and says he can come anytime.

In this letter Mayme Moore-Sifford asks to see Martha Berry when she gets to New York.

Miss Berry asks for a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Award.

Charles M. Pyle writes to Martha Berry congratulating her on winning the Pictorial Review prize on behalf of him and his mother. He also requests facts about the heredity of her pupils because of his interest in eugenics.

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