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In this letter Adolph Ochs sends Martha Bery a check for twenty-five hundred dollars from Mr. Thomas F. Ryan.

Martha writes to Adolph Ochs with information about the burned building for the New York Times. She hopes hopes that being in the New York Times that there will be more help from the public in rebuilding a new fire-proof dorm.

The Berry Schools informs Mr. Ochs that they received his letter and that Miss Berry is away, but the matter he addressed in his letter would be brought to her attention upon her return to the schools. They also thank him for his interest in the schools.

Mr. Eastman says he is glad that Berry has listed Mr. Ochs as a supporter and that Mr. Ochs is raising $1,000,000. He says he has become interested in Miss. Berry and has contributed around $30,000 to the school.

Robert Alston, writing on behalf of an absent Martha Berry, thanks Mr. Oohs of the New York Times for his interest in the Berry Schools and remarks how it will be of great benefit to the Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond about some fundraising business, expressing dismay about Mr. Ochs' work and pledges. She also asks to hold off publishing an article in the New York Times about the schools.


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