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Letter to Julia C. Stevens from Martha Berry informing her that she was sorry she could not see her the last time she was in New York because she was unwell. She does say though that she wants to visit her in New York again soon and that she enjoyed having her lovely car and chauffeur when they went to the flower show. She also states that she enjoyed being with her friends while in New York as well. She states that the schools are facing a tough time at the moment and that they are having to send students home for a lack of money. She has hope that help will come soon.

A letter from Martha Berry expressing her desire for Mr. Sloane to come and visit The Berry Schools.

Berry informs Neal that the meeting with Mr. Bierwith [Bierwirth] and Mr. Jones has been arranged for the morning of the 7th rather than the 5th due to illness.

Miss Berry has just gotten over a bronchial cough and has missed her appointment with Mr. Penny due to her illness. She informs Miss Neal of this and then notes that she will be in New York on the 4th- pressing that she would like Miss Neal to attend the engagement, held at Mr. Jones' Office, on the 5th of March. Miss Berry believes that together they, alongside Inez Wooton, will be able to raise money and get Trustees for the school.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Myers stating that she will be in New York on the 21st and 22nd of November and that it would be best if she came to Princeton the 5th of December because of this.

This is a note from John W. MacGregor to Lucille LaVerne indicating a $100 gift to the Mountain School Fund in honor of his mother-in-law. This is followed by a note from LaVerne to Miss Berry telling her of the donation. Miss Berry then sent a letter to MacGregor thanking him for the gift and urging that he come visit. Miss Berry also sent a letter to LaVerne requesting that she direct any gifts to be sent directly to the school for record keeping purposes.


The manager, A.E. Martin, of Bon Air-Vanderbilt Hotel, reports to Martha Berry that the representatives from her school were pleased with their visit to the hotel and are welcome back the following witner along with Miss Berry herself.

A piece of paper containing the address of Mrs. Mary P. Hoopes along with a date and the amount of $150.

Martha Berry thanks Anna Hollenback for a sweet letter and generous gift, especially in a time of great need. Miss Berry invites Miss Hollenback to Berry for a visit and offers her company on a trip to New York.


Letter says that Martha Berry is in New York and will not be back in Rome during the Hilles' visit there, and invites Mr. & Mrs. Hilles to visit the school anyway.



Martha Berry writes to Robert Ely to accept the offer to speak of the work of the Berry Schools after a lecture, even though she will only be given a few minutes to do so.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that she cannot make any plans because her sister was critically injured in an automobile accident. She says that she hopes to be in New York later to visit.


A letter sent from Martha Berry to Mrs. George P. Black expressing her gratitude for sending a book on Christianity. Martha Berry relays the message of how useful the book will be for the Bible study classes.

A letter from Martha Berry which tells of her struggle with a bronchial cold, but that she is expecting to be in New York by March 6th.

Charlotte Baker described how the secretary "spoke very well" and that the personal touch made an impression on the girls. She sent Martha Berry a $25 donation. Letter was recorded as received by the Berry Schools on March 19, 1928, as noted in the typescript at the top of the letter.

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