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Martha Berry is writing to Mrs. Campbell in regards to the collotox, which she says they can't find while its hot and they are fixing the house up in the mountains. She invites Mrs. Campbell and Bulow up for the weekend.

Martha Berry asks for her mother's house in Mentone, Alabama to be appraised

Berry asks Jones to appraise her mother's Mentone, Alabama property.

Berry updates her sister on her activities and advises that she should write to their mother to arrange repayment of Wright's payment for coal.

The Mentone Store returns Berry's check, as the charges have already been settled.

Mrs. Nail, overhearing that Martha Berry wishes to buy a portion of her property, describes the land in which she is willing to sell. In a subsequent letter, Miss Berry explains to Mrs. Nail that she will not be able to come see the land unless the price is reasonable.


J. L. Nail writes to Martha Berry to offer to sell her a small tract of land near Mentone, Alabama. Nail extends this offer because he/she is aware of Martha Berry's ownership of property in the area and wishes to give her a chance to purchase more.
The tract of land being offered for sale contains 75 acres (approx.) and about a quarter of a mile of river-front, including the only "dam-site" on Little R(iver) between the Huron dam and the Taylor ford.
Nail also mentions that there are other small tracts of adjoining land also available for purchase if Martha Berry so desires them.

Martha Berry inquires about property in Mentone that she may be interested in purchasing.

Martha Berry writes to tell her sister Frances Berry Bonnyman that she is glad that Bonnyman will be coming to visit and comments on how lovely it will be to see all of the children. Berry asks that Bonnyman bring cucumbers put up by a woman in Knoxville. She asks that Bonnyman mail her portrait to her, as she has found someone to repair it. Berry tells Bonnyman that she is counting on Reo Bandy to take the children from Faith Cottage to Mentone, and to also spend time there with their mother, who plans to go to Mentone at the end of June.

Ms. Martha Berry and Mr. T.B. Blake are arranging a visit to Mentone, Alabama.

Martha Berry asks Miss Bonner to send a receipt for the enclosed check from Miss Potter. She suggests that Miss Bonner go to Asheville for a few days, and instructs her to "tell Mama to take nurse & go to Mentone".

Miss Berry writes that she will like to buy the land Mr. Blake is selling.

Letter to George F. Johnson from Martha Berry informing her that she had been thinking about George and hoping that he is well and strong. She then invites them to her house in Mentone, Alabama for the summer. She informs Mrs. Johnston that she sent her her rough bottom chair to her but that she did not know what charges there would be so she sent a check to cover the charges. She then informs Mrs. Johnston that her mother, Martha, and Frances, were already settled in Miami.

Wedding Announcement for Harriett Battey Long and Ira Theopholus O'Bryan, Mentone, Alabama, 1941.


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