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Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and Miss Earnshaw because they have been and will be such helps. She also mentions Mr. and Mrs. Ford's visit and that they brought Sir Wilfred Crenfall and Lady Crenfall.

Returning of a shawl sample that was sent to Mr. Frank Campsall, for Mrs. Ford. The letter asks if he could let them know the color she would like and also dimensions she would like.


Letter to Mr. Frank Campsall asking that a fund be started to help with raising $100,000 for insurance premiums, which would help in a savings of approximately $16,000 per year.


Mr. Alston includes a letter that he wrote to Mr. Goodwin explaining more about The Berry Schools and the publicity situation. He asks Miss Berry to read it over and call him on Monday.

Charles Adamson writes Miss Berry about some articles he wrote for the Rome and Atlanta papers that he hoped would catch the eye of Henry Ford and lead to starting an endowment fund. He also explains how Bayler University worked with insurance companies to establish an endowment through having their life insurance premiums connected to the university.

Martha Berry writes to Charles Adamson urging him to write a letter to the newspaper clearing up the Berry Schools' financial situation. She thinks the publicity about the Ford Buildings had convinced people that the school no longer needed funding.

Letter to Martha Berry from S. W. McGill informing her that it would be a mistake to get Mr. Ford to start the campaign, even though we do not know what campaign they are referring to. He suggests that Mr. Ford, as well as himself, might be more helpful in helping with the campaign once it has began, rather than assisting in starting it. He suggests that she also meet with her board and find out their expectations of him concerning the campaign. He also adds that he would like to meet with the board to inform them of his expectations concerning the campaign. He also informs her that it will require a united effort and that she simply cannot hire a campaign manager and expect to be successful.

Martha Berry describes her hopes at keeping outside architecture the same on the new Girl's Dormitory.

Mr. Liebold lets Martha know that construction will proceed on the Girl's Dormitory, however, plans need to be changed prior to construction.

Holt is in a quandary as he is realizing that the communion service gift is more complicated and expensive than he realized. He suggest that he make a monetary contribution toward the service and provides information about the gifts he expects to be able to make over the next year. Holt reports that he has heard from Dr. Hardin of Henry Ford's support for Berry.

Letter to E.H. Hoge from E. G. Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, informing him that Mr. Ford has sent the Berry Schools a check for $7,837.23 covering the Girl's School Recitation Hall and new water supply.

Mr. Liebold is writing to acknowledge the receipt of a check from Mr. Henry Ford's office. The money will be used towards the water supply and the Girls School recitation hall.

Henry Ford's secretary sends Miss Berry a letter with the donation of $25,000.

E.G. Liebold says that Mr. Ford is proud of his interest in the Berry Schools, and encloses a check for $25,000.

Henry Ford's secretary writes the Berry Schools to inform of a donation made to the schools for a new water supply and for the girls school recitation hall.

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