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Emily V. Hammond writes to Martha Berry to tell her about a large event she had to raise money for the Berry Schools. Dr. Leonard spoke at the event and they read a letter from Berry. They have pledges for $37,775 to go toward building Pilgrim Hall.

Emily V. Hammond writes to Martha Berry about having Dr. Norwood come speak to the Pilgrims on April 30, 1929. She wants Berry to send a letter that she can read to the Pilgrims at the meeting.

Berry thanks Hammond for her check. Berry speaks on how building the new dormitory is going and says she cannot go to Rachel's wedding unless something changes at the last minute. Kate Macy Ladd's nurse suggested that Ladd might be interested in contributing to the Foundation School.

Berry thanks Hammond for his gift and hopes that he will visit.

Miss Winifred Root encloses a "small" check to commemorate the date of President Hoover's election after she heard about the success of the Berry Schools from two friends, Mrs. Hammond and Miss Crystal Waters. Miss Root's letter is sent from 2 West 67th St., New York, NY.

Provides a detailed description of activities including bringing a warm coat for open motors and a reminder they will be required to write a short account of their impression of the schools.

Mr. Bliss writes that he is unable to help the Berry Schools as he is involved with many other activities.

William D. Southwick asks Martha Berry to send a booklet about Berry and her work to Miss J.M. Hammond who lives with Mrs. Sarah G. Hammond and Mrs. H.H. Crane. These three former school teachers own the Colonial Cafeteria and have recently opened a new cafe and confections shop. Southwick mentions that they are "well to do" and interested in Martha Berry and her work.

Lists of people receiving presents (fruit cakes, angel food cakes, lavender bags, paper knives, candy) from the Berry Schools at Christmas in 1927.

This letter expresses interest in the Berry Schools after the author heard Martha Berry speak. The author enclosed $300 to fund a scholarship for two Berry students and an expressed wish to do more one day for the Berry students.

Martha writes to Adolph Ochs with information about the burned building for the New York Times. She hopes hopes that being in the New York Times that there will be more help from the public in rebuilding a new fire-proof dorm.

Carlton Colquitt sends $1.00 to Emily Hammond to assist in buying a present for Martha Berry.

Berry congratulates Miss Hammond on her recent engagement to an "Englishman". Berry hopes she will visit before she moves to England.


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