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A Letter to Martha Berry from Alma E. Shimer concerning an endowment needed for a new building for the Girls School. Ultimately, Miss Shimer is asking Miss Berry for a copy of the financial audit for the last complete fiscal year to see how much money is in use for the schools.

This is a list of drawings given to Mr. Russell regarding building and garden plans around the Berry Schools and Oak Hill.

Martha Berry writes a letter to Audrey Henderson thanking her for her frankness in her previous letter as well as for the work Audrey did with the Girl's School. Martha Berry also requests that Audrey come to visit sometime during the summer.

Martha asks Grady to have rocks brought down to be put around the circle at the girls school before any guests arrive.

Clara Ford, wife of Henry Ford, with a Berry student examining a handicraft.


E. G. Liebold, general secretary to Henry Ford, sends E. H. Hoge a check for $21,826.12 in payment to the Thompson Starrett Company for the new Girls' School buildings.


E. H. Hoge, the Comptroller of the Berry Schools, sends Mr. E. G. Liebold architect certificate #2516 and asks for a check for $21,826.12 to pay the Thompson-Starrett Company for part of the New Girls School buildings.


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O.P. Barbour requests musical instruments for the Girls School Orchestra.

Letter from Martha Berry to Miss Alice L. Wingo concerning some sort of school-run program involving the Entertainment Committee. Most likely a play the children put on. Emphasizes lack of time in that spring semester for more functions.

Swain, the Superintendent of the Floyd County Public Schools, writes to inquire about a potential collaboration with the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Inman about what the Kiwanians are doing for the Mothers Building since they have so much publicity. She also explains the impact the building will have on the girls and how much they need it. She asks Mrs. Inman to visit the Schools when she comes to see the boys at Darlington.

In this letter Mr. Green asks Martha Berry to approve the work rates for some college students. He asks her to read the letter from J.S. Stewart so that they can host the Seventh District School Conference. He informs her of the tentative schedule for outside team games, and that the schools are in need of an Engineering Building, a new girl's dormitory and a new boy's dormitory for the mountain campus.

This is a series of letters between a Mr. Harrington of the W. E. Browne Decorating Company and Martha Berry. The first two regard some rugs at Sunshine Cottage used as models for the girls school. The second two are from Miss Berry asking about some cloth to cover chairs at her house.

Mr. Carlson writes to Martha with sets of sketch plans for the proposed Guest House at the Girls School.

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