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Mr. Yancey sends the final payment of his donation to the rebuilding of the Foundation School.

Schieffelin thanks Berry for her hospitality during his visit and encloses a copy of the description of the Foundation School he sent to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Letter to Mr. Wm J. Schieffelin from Martha Berry thanking him for sending her his article about the Foundation School. She informs him that it was a pleasure to have him and his wife at Berry and she conveys her wishes that they should come again. We informs him that they had a wonderful anniversary celebration where many old student returned and gave her hope for the future of the schools.

Martha Berry apologizes for missing Mr. Harris and his wife when they visited the Foundation School. She explains that she needs someone to run a boarding house for boarders doing construction work on buildings at the schools. She asks Mr. Harris if he and his wife would be interested in running the boarding house.

Martha Berry writes H. G. Hamrick, whom she fondly refers to as Grady, to say that she has told a Mr. Swafford that, on the first of January, his salary will begin at $50. She asks Hamrick to ensure that Mr. Swafford has a "steady boy" with him everyday.

Miss Berry asks Grady about the male peafowls at the Foundation School.

Berry dispenses instructions to Hamrick about pine trees (she believes it is a mistake to have cut so many), roads (she would prefer a good road to the barn instead of "so much fancy planting"), drainage, ivy (which should be planted around the barn), and the use of native trees.

In this letter Miss Berry writes Mr.Brewer in order to thank him for his donation that will go towards a dormitory at the Foundation School, which the boys that stay during the summer were eager to build.

Martha Berry sends out what appears to be a mass letter asking for funds to help rebuild the dorm that was destroyed due to fire.

Martha writes to Mr. Abrams to thank him for the gift that he sent to the school and writes with some information about the dormitory.

Wm. P. Wharton sends a donation of $500 to help pay for the dormitory at the Foundation School that was lost in a fire.

Mary Wheeler sends Martha Berry $2.50 to help pay for the loss of the main dormitory at the Foundation school.

Letter asks Mrs. Williams for help after a disastrous fire at the Foundation School

This letter from Martha Berry describes the loss of the dormitory at the Foundation Schools. She is requesting money to help rebuild and fireproof the replacement building so that they can have it ready for the opening term that September. The letter also seems to carry Wilcox's handwritten reply, indicating that he would love to help out.

A letter from Martha Berry which explains the schools' need for donations as the main dormitory at the Foundation School had just burned down.

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