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Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

The Berry Schools faculty member is sending a letter to the Managing Editor of Darby to inform him of Miss Berry's absence.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Professor Mimms for making her a life member of the Chatauqua Women's Club.

Miss Berry notifies Mrs. G. S. Lockwood that her letter and check for $50.00 dated for September 14th has just been received. She apologizes for not receiving the letter sooner due to her illness and her recent trip to Europe. Miss Berry extends her thanks to Mrs. Lockwood and to the Walnut Lane Schools for this donation as it will help the students towards completing their education.

A list of addresses recorded from Miss Berry's trip to Europe. Some countries included are Germany, France, and Austria. The list also includes rich people Miss Berry met while abroad and a prayer from a manuscript found in Europe.

Martha Berry writes that she regrets missing the Edison celebration, but she had to go to Europe (Northeim). She also writes about how she appreciates Mrs Edison's interest and her introduction to Henry Ford. She invites Mrs Edison to visit and see the Ford buildings and writes about how she would love to visit the Edisons

In this letter, Mrs. Lester Wilhelm Norell answers on behalf of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Joseph S. Daltry, who is abroad in Europe. Mrs. Norell says that Mrs. Daltry is unable to donate to the Berry Schools.


Miss Berry writes to Mr. Crane asking if he and his family will be going to Europe in the summer since she was unable to go with them the previous year. She also mentions being under Dr. Myers, who she feels is the most wonderful doctor in the world.

Miss Thomas sends $25 to the Berry Schools.

Miss Martha wishes to have Miss Cora Neal come visit her at Tate Springs, and she also asks for Miss Neal to send her more Pictorial Review blanks. Berry also mentions the forthcoming wedding in Europe between Marion Berry and Prince Heli [Chigi]; however, Berry writes that although she was asked to give a wedding gift of $10,000, she was not invited to the wedding.

Fred B. Smith responds to Miss Berry's "beautiful letter of March 22," saying that he would love to visit The Schools. He says that Mr. John J. Egan told him so much about Berry. He mentions that he just returned from Europe and that he won't be able to be in the South until next Fall.

Martha Berry asked Mrs. Prentiss for a donation, but she was in Europe so her secretary responded and informed Martha Berry of the situation.

Martha Berry inquires about Miss Laughlin's summer and her own trip to Europe. She discusses her father's friendship to Berry and his visit to Berry before his death. Martha Berry writes about the need for $10,000 for a new gymnasium.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

Miss Berry asks Senator Harris for help with her passport application and tells him the news of the dormitory that burned down.

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