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Ida writes to Martha on behalf of herself and Maud Moherman with a donation to help Eugene.

In this letter Mrs. A E Eaton sends $150 for Eugene's tuition. This was an appeal letter that Martha Berry sent out asking for money. Mrs. Eaton describes herself as "an old woman ... to be still working for my living," who does not have a lot to give but uses her tithe money for this in the name of Christianity

In this letter Rachel Cameron Hale is donating one hundred and fifty dollars in the name of a little boy, Eugene.


Mrs. Franklin sends a check for $150 to go towards Eugene.

Mrs. Cochran sends a $200 donation to The Berry Schools and informs Martha Berry of her change in address.


Miss Brown sends a money order for $25 for Eugene's scholarship, but if it has already been supplied, she requests that the money be applied to another scholarship.

Belle Brotherton writes to Miss Berry, apologizing for not being able to give Eugene his chance, but sends a small donation of $5 for the work of The Berry Schools.



Donation letter from Josephine Atterbury to Martha Berry with a donation for a student named Eugene to help pay for his tuition. Martha Berry refuses to allocate the money to Eugene because of the probability he will be unable to afford his education or finish in a timely fashion. Martha Berry then reallocates the donation to the general fund of the Berry Schools.

Hawkes responds to a solicitation for a scholarship for Eugene.

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