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Helen Gould Shepard writes to Martha Berry, thanking her for the Christmas gift of cotton blossoms. She goes on to speak about her family's Christmas holiday. The children are on vacation from boarding school, so the family took the opportunity to take a trip South, visiting Washington (D. C.) en route where she spent a few of hours with Mrs. Walker, the Chairman of the recently formed National Defense Committee of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. Walker has apparently compiled an "important collection of radical literature."
Currently Helen Shepard and her family are enjoying the remainder of their vacation in Augusta, playing golf at the country club.
She also encloses a few papers that she believes Martha Berry will find interesting. They have been translated from important public documents, which Shepard requests that her name not be connected to in any public address that Berry may give.

Berry assures Mrs. Stewart that the rumor of a confederate flag at Berry is untrue and "ridiculously absurd." Only someone wishing to harm the Berry Schools would have started such a rumor.

Mrs. Stewart expresses her serious concern in hearing at a recent Oshkosh Chapter D.A.R meeting that Martha Berry had been hanging a confederate flag without also hanging our national flag at the Berry Schools. Mrs. Stewart hopes that Martha Berry will clear up this rumor and confess it to be false.


Mrs. Gerber writes to Martha with a donation from Miss McCormick to the Berry Schools.

A $5 donation from the Red Cedar Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Wyant writes to Martha with a check from chapters from the Daughters of the American Revolution

This letter comes from the Black Beaver Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and contained the donation of $10.00.

Agnes Menedy writes to Martha Berry with a donation for the Berry School from her chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, the Nequi Antigo Siebah chapter.

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