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Mr. Cantrell expresses his sorrow that Miss Berry cannot attend commencement at Pineland College and asks if Mrs. W. J. Jones can visit Berry's campus since he is unable to make it.

Miss Berry says she is unable to come to Commencement and that she will probably not be able to ever do as much public speaking. She thanks him for writing to her and tells him that she always enjoys hearing what he's doing and where he is.

Letter from Mr. F S Cantrell regarding a letter from Mr.& Mrs. W. J. Jones requesting Miss Berry to give the Commencement Address at Pineland College.

Miss Berry writes on behalf of the graduating class to ask Mr. Taft to be the Commencement Speaker.

The principal of Cullman County High School writes to inquire when Miss Berry will arrive to deliver the school's commencement address.

Berry declines an invitation to speak at Commencement at the Texas State College for Women.

Humphries, Associate Dean of the College, invites "Mabel" Berry to speak at Commencement at the Texas State College for Women.

In this letter Martha Berry requests that Chancellor Snelling, of the University of Georgia, accept the unanimous wish of Berry's faculty and students that he give the commencement address at graduation. This is the first year that Berry gave college graduates their diplomas.

Richard Orme Flinn writes to Martha Berry to express his appreciation for her courtesy during his visit to the Berry Schools. He goes on to provide her with the contact information for Dr. Magill, who is raising funds for deserving institutions, and Dr. Wm Ray Dobyns, pastor of the South Highland Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He also suggests Dr. C. Frank Morgan of the First Church in Augusta, Georgia, if she wants an "outstanding" speaker for the Berry Schools' next commencement or perhaps J. Blanton Belk of Orlando, Florida.
Finally, he hopes that Martha Berry would "remember" him "most cordially" to Mrs. Wright.

A letter to Dr. Mime asking him to come speak at Berry's commencement ceremony with accompanying details about the event

Mr. Woodruff tells Martha Berry that he will be unable to attend the Trustee meeting and commencement on May 4 due to a Western trip he must take.

Martha writes to Mr. Knight about his confirmation to be speaker at Commencement this year and how she is anxious to have him see the work they are doing. She also lets him know that Programs of the Commencement exercise will be sent to him.

Martha Berry suggests to Mr. Alston to put Mr. J.B. Campbell on their Investment Committee.

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