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Martha Berry writes to Tracy Byers asking him to return in September to do some teaching and publicity work for the school. She also discusses the recent commencement.

Henderson, class of 1929, hopes Berry will speak at graduation exercises at the school where she teaches.

Martha Berry's secretary writes to Mrs. Hammond thanking her for her donation and telling her that commencement was a wonderful time for the girls and boys of the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry sends her regrets that Dr. Harban will not be joining them for the next school year.

George regrets that he cannot accept the invitation to speak at commencement.

Martha Berry apologizes for not being able to see Mr. Draper, but would like to put aside time to speak with him.

Mr. Dickason accepts Martha Berry's offer to come for a visit.

The Berry Schools thank Mr. Cutting for his extremely generous donation while in Martha Berry's absence.

Martha Berry invites Dr. Henry H. Clark of Furman University to be the commencement speaker at Berry.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and tells her how helpful he has been. She speaks of Commencement and her business since the interior decorater left. She says that she thinks the plans the decorater left will be too expensive so she won't do anything. She hopes to visit Mrs. Carlisle in New York or Connecticut.

Martha Berry writes to Geo. Carlisle to thank him for lending Mr. Byers to the Berry Schools. She mentions that Mr. Meacham and Mr. Alston will be arriving on campus soon and talks about Inez Wooten Henry's wedding.

Mr. Carlisle declines Berry's invitation to commencement.

Letter to Mr. Ben Cantrell discussing the formation of a committee at Commencement to assure collection of funds due from pledges.

Thank you note to the Brooke Hall Alumnae for their gift to help students at Berry.

Mr. Alston writes to Martha Berry with a copy of the letter he is sending to the trustees regarding the commencement and May 5th meeting.

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