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A letter to Miss Berry wishing her a merry Christmas and hoping to send a larger amount one day.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Henry Sillcocks and her friend for their gift.

Miss Rockmart writes to Martha Berry to inform her that her fundraising plea did not come at a fruitful time, and that she can only send a small donation as her thin income is spread in many directions near Christmas.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Miss Filomena Ricciardi for the donation of twenty-five dollars. Martha Berry also invites Miss Filomena Ricciaardi to come stay at the guest house at Berry.

Miss Annie B. Reilly sends a $5.00 Christmas donation to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry sends a thank you letter to Mr. David McAlpin Pyle after receiving the amount of $100.

David writes to Martha on behalf of his mother who is away with a check for 100 to answer Martha's appeal for aid.

Martha writes to Waldo to say she is sorry to hear he was ill in Boston and hopes he is better. She also hopes that he and Mrs. Pratt will visit Berry when they come south.

In this letter Martha Berry says that she has not heard from the publisher whom she gave the manuscript of the Berry School story. She asks Miss Neal to give it to a few other people and invites Miss Neal to come stay with her for Christmas.

In this letter Fred Muschenheim thanks Ms. Berry for her greeting card and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Note thanking Mr. Mooney for the Christmas gifts they received from him.

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