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Gertrude M. Richards encloses a check from Mr. Clarence W. Barron and recounts fond memories of her visit with Martha Berry at Mrs. Hammond's.

Letter to Mrs. Henry Marquand from Martha Berry thanking her for interesting her friends in The Berry Schools. She informs Mrs. Marquand that she will use Mrs. Meyer's gift to rebuild the dormitory. She also informs Mrs. Marquand that she will be with Mrs. Hammond at Mt. Kisco and then go from there to Chautauqua. Miss Berry also says that she hopes to see Mrs. Marquand when she is in New York.

Berry will be at the Athenaeum Hotel in Chataugua, NY and asks Bonner to have Mrs. Wright write to her there. She asks Bonner to see her mother and let her know how she is. Donations from Mrs. Henry Whiting are enclosed. On letterhead from Dellwood, Mt. Kisco, NY home of Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Allen saw Berry speak at Chautauqua and sends a contribution, either for the girl shown in a publication or any deserving child.


Achelis encloses an article about the Berry Schools she has written, asking Martha Berry to use it as she likes, or not at all.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond writes to Martha Berry following the 1926 Chautauqua. She references a letter to Mr. Ochs and asks for approval from Martha Berry to have her letter published in the Chattanooga newspaper. Mrs. Hammond inquires whether money has arrived at Berry from several personal and business contacts made earlier in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Berry writes a unusually personal and detailed letter to Hammond, sharing details about a recent trip to Chautauqua, discussing the possibility of a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine to stay with Mrs. Morris, and planning an April trip to the school by Hammond.


Emily Hammond thanks Mr. Ochs for all the work he did on a recent fundraising appeal, even though Martha Berry asked him to stop working. Hammond believes he is very talented and she is glad to be his friend.


Emily Hammond asks Martha Berry if the one-thousand dollars she recently sent for the gymnaisium could go to rebuilding the dormitory instead. She also sends donations from Rachel Hammond May, Mrs. Richards D. Brixey, and Martha B. Whitney.


Hammond encloses a letter and asks about plans for Berry to speak at Dr. Bestor's Chautauqua in July. She invites Berry to stay at Mount Kisco afterward.


Berry thanks Hammond for telling her about the advertising man who wanted to raise money for the schools. If her mother is well, Berry will definitely come to visit Mount Kisco.


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