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Letter to Alma E. Shrimer from Martha Berry informing her that she had written to the board of trustees to have them prepare a statement for the past fiscal year but that the reports aren't ready or prepared to mail but will send them as soon as I can. Miss Berry informs her that she would be glad to have someone from the commonwealth to visit the schools. She informs Mrs. Shrimer that they have 800 students from September to May and that in the summer they try to keep as many worthy boy and girls as they can.

An advertisement from the Berry Schools encouraging scholarships from people, it provides the option for people to pick an scholarship amount. Mrs. A. S. Sexton responds with a $150 donation.

Donation of $2,500 on a blank Board of Trustees Forms of Bequest from Mrs. Katherine Pomeroy to the Berry Schools.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Dr. Morgan to come visit Berry before the term ends.

Letter to Standish Meacham thanking him for sending her a list of names. She informs him that she will see what can be done with the names. She also asks him to come to commencement as well as the trustees meeting because the school needs new trustees because all of the other who took an active interest in the schools have passed away. She asks him to come and spend a few days with them as well.

Robert Maddox tells Martha Berry that he will be able to attend the Board of Trustees meeting.

Valentine Everit Macy informs Martha Berry that he will not be able to attend the Trustees Meeting on May 1st, because he will be in Bermuda on that date.

Miss Berry tells Mr. McWane that the date of the Trustees' Meeting changed from May 1st to April 30th because many of the members could not attend the later date.

J.R. McWane notifies Berry of his intention to attend the Berry School's graduation ceremony on May 1, and to attend a Board of Trustees meeting on the same day.

Letter to Martha Berry from J. R. McWane, President of McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co., informing her that he has been sick and away from the office and therefore unable to answer her letter earlier. He informs her that if she informs him of the next trustee's meeting he will try to drive over. He confesses that business complications have forced him to be away for the meetings of the last few years. However, he does reassure her that he does have sympathy towards her wonderful work and sends her his best wishes.

Letter to Martha Berry from William McKee informing Miss Berry that he can not come to the trustees' meeting nor could he bring Mrs. McKee with him even though she would get great pleasure out of the visit. He also informs Miss Berry that he feels that he is a useless trustee even though he still has great interest in the schools. He also wonders whether Mr. Ford's recent visit to the schools has increased the endowment. Mr. McKee informed Miss Berry that while he was in Cuba and saw Mr. Ford's visit to the schools in the paper.

Berry asks that since Mr. Colby could not serve on the Board of Trustees, Cutting select the "next best man" and arrange for her to meet him when she next visits New York.

A letter from R. Fulton Cutting to Martha Berry informing her that Mr. Everett Colby from Paris cannot serve as a Trustee of the Berry School.

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