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Envelope with donation of $150 from Francis L. York.

Mrs. Elwood Wagonhurst encloses a check for $10 and commends the Berry Schools

Bogert acknowledges the great progress and success of the Berry Schools from Martha Berry. He may not be a contributor but he will happily pass along the communication in hopes that it will be productive.

A letter to Miss Van Houton from Martha Berry. The letter is asking for Miss Houton to look over literature samples to arouse interest in the Berry Schools.

This letter contains information about the most recent edition of the Highlander at Berry College. The author informs Berry Schools that the remainder of the shipments are being made. Mr. Martin ends by asking for the materials for the Mothers' Day issue of the Highlander.

Letter asking for $150 so a young persona can go to Berry for a year, with corrected address.

The letter was written to Martha Berry praising Berry College. Along with the letter was a fifteen dollar donation to the school. The author of the letter basically wanted Martha Berry to know he was behind her and wished for her continued success. The author also asks Martha Berry to allow one of the girls to write her about the school. The letter is basically fan mail to Martha Berry.

Mrs. M. Irene Meyers writes that she has enclosed a check for $25.00 to "help out some girl or boy."

$100 donation from Wm. Jenkins in response to a donation request from Martha Berry. The letter explains in detail the work that students at the Berry Schools are doing and how it will benefit themselves and society.

The letter responds to Mr. Hoge's letter concerning the heavy weight of two pieces of kitchenware. Liebold shows his puzzlement over the reactions from the kitchen workers compared to those of Mr. Hoge.


A letter from Martha Berry to Mr. Floding about Sunday School class banners for perfect attendance.

He is notifying them of his change of address and reminding them of something

General letter to those who gave anniversary gifts to the Berry Schools for the 25th anniversary.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Frances E. White for her generosity, and promises to keep her donation anonymous. Berry continues to talk about the wild flowers in bloom due to Miss. Whites interest.

The Berry Schools returns a check of $278.00 to the Raymond & Whitcomb Co., which they had been holding due to the fact that Martha was still abroad.

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