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Alexander Soper sends Martha Berry a check to help her with her work.

Miss Berry remembers meeting Mrs. S.A. McGeath when visiting with Dr. (Albert?) Shaw. She is appealing to Mrs. McGeath for additional funds that can be used for the Schools while maintaining the initial endowment.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Lockwood for her contribution to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry expresses appreciation for Mrs. Brown's past gifts to Berry, and strongly encourages her to continue to give.

In this letter Elizabeth Kirkpatrick tells Martha Berry that she was in the hospital at the time of her appeal but that now she is better she will send some money for the cause.

The author is sending a feather fan to Mrs. Rivers and will follow up to see if it is possible to send her a quilt. Martha Berry is not often at the office and the author has not been able to get Berry to write an appeal letter.

Miss Hosea discusses how she inherited $400 from her uncle and some family history. She sends a small personal check.


Mr. Arrott sends a $150 check in response to an appeal for scholarship funds.

Haylewerk P. M. Caw sends donation in response to appeal letter from Martha Berry.

Mrs. John Markoe sends $100 in response to letter from Martha Berry sent November 1926.

A request for the address of Grace Hartley Emery. Written on the reverse of a 1925 solicitation letter.


This letter is a response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry. It is actually written on the appeal letter itself. In the letter Myra Valentine send one hundred and fifty dollars and wishes Martha Berry a successful year.

This letter is written on an appeal letter sent out by Martha Berry. In the letter Mrs. Pell send one hundred dollars towards the building of a new boys dormitory.

This letter is a response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry. Caroline G. Ross sends twenty five dollars to Martha Berry.



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