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Berry discusses the school's financial accounting, comparing it to other institutions and sharing her distress at letters Hammond had shared that seem to have asserted that Berry expenses were extravagant.

Although he believes that Martha Berry made a mistake in the way she handled Adolph Ochs, he is interested in helping the school. Emily Vanderbilt Hammond adds a note about planned correspondence and tags the letter "read and destroy."


Although Wiggin is behind on contributions to organizations with which he is connected, the letter a from Ochs about Berry is appealing so he encloses $250.

Sloane inquires about the status of fundraising for rebuilding the burned dormitory and reports that he has written to Mr. Ochs about the endowment campaign.

Jones writes of the "joy and inspiration" he experienced during a visit to the Berry Schools. At Martha Berry's request he will request that the treasurers of Tuskegee and Hampton Institutes send copies of their financial reports and suggests that she forward copies of Berry's financial report to him.

Berry writes about the need to replace the burned dormitory at the Foundation School and a possible article in the New York papers.

Johnston writes that it is splendid that Ochs is taking an active interest in the Berry Schools and wishes it was possible for him to take part in a subscription. Johnston has recently made large commitments of a similar nature in his native Kentucky but will make a modest subscription when the program is ready.

Ochs encloses contributions to the Martha Berry Schools Silver Anniversary Endowment Fund, asking that Berry send acknowledgements to the donors. He also encloses his own check, in partial payment of his $25,000 subscription. Ochs reports on other commitments and solicitations, commenting that it is a source of embarrassment to him that some donors are giving as a personal favor to him. There is also some embarrassment caused by Berry's decision not to solicit those who have previously been benefactors.

M. E. Seabrooke, secretary to Robert A. Franks, writes to Mr. Ochs, explaining that Mr. Franks will be out of town until April 1 and says that he has received his letter and will bring it to Mr. Franks' attention as soon as he returns.

Kate L. Stone, secretary to Adolph S. Ochs, advises that Berry's letter was received and it will be brought Ochs' attention when he returns the following week.

Ochs awaits word from Berry word on when she'll be in New York and for her list of potential donors. He encloses the letter he received from Mrs. John S. Kennedy. He also mentions that Albert H. Wiggin of Chase National Bank sent him a check for $250 and that Judge Gary sent one for $1,000. The letter from Mrs. Kennedy explains that she has known Berry for over twenty years and contributes each year. She says that she helped build the Home School Farm House and gave money toward a green house.

Berry proposes a personal visit to George Eastman in an effort to convince him to donate more than the $10,000 he has promised. She suggests other potential donors, including Mrs. Leonard Elmhirst (Dorothy Payne Whitney), and asks Ochs to help arrange for Raymond Fosdick (of the Rockefeller Foundation) to visit the school.

Martha writes to Adolph Ochs with information about the burned building for the New York Times. She hopes hopes that being in the New York Times that there will be more help from the public in rebuilding a new fire-proof dorm.

T. W. Lamont sends Mr. Ochs $1000 as a contribution to the Berry Schools.

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