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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Yardley for her Easter cards, expresses interest in making Mrs. Yardley a visit but cannot due to being needed at the school; she invites Mrs Yardley to the 25th anniversary celebration.

The Whites write to Martha Berry with a thousand dollar check each for the 25th Anniversary and ask that they be listed as "Two Brooklyn woman" and not publicly recorded.

Miss Willock sends a $100 donation in celebration of the Silver Anniversary of The Berry Schools. She also describes her joy in reading the latest Southern Highlander and gives her sympathy to Miss Berry for the loss of her mother.

In this letter Mr. Edwin Veghte sends Martha Berry twenty-five dolars in responce to the appeal letter about the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Henry S. Walter (Martha Walter) sends a gift to Martha Berry for the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools.

The letter is asking for $150 donations so more young people can go to Berry. A $150 gift is recorded in the corner. Miss Valentine's note says that she has been abroad, but takes pleasure in renewing a previous donation. She says that she received Martha Berry's box of cotton blossoms. She wishes MB luck in her work.

Miss B. G. Stillman thanks Martha Berry for the cotton that was sent to her at Christmas time. She also sends a $525.00 check in memory of Clara F. Stillman.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Stewart for endowing a day in her husbands name.

Martha Berry thanks Hugh Smythe for a gift that Smythe sent to Berry. This gift was received on the occasion of the Silver Anniversary for Berry. Berry encourages Smythe to come visit the Berry schools as part of her thank you letter to them.

Spencer encloses a 25th anniversary contribution.

Margaret Stewart thanks Miss Berry for the beautiful anniversary calendar. She encloses Professor Lloyd's letter and a $5 contribution.

Martha Berry writes to a Capt. W.D. Southwick asking him to talk a Mr. Franklin into donating a 'Franklin Car' to the Berry Schools so that she can visit some of the 6000 boys and girls they've trained. She also mentions that the 25th anniversary of the Schools is coming up.

Berry sends thanks for Swenson's gift. Berry recalls her time at the Battle Creek Sanitarium while Swenson was there, and wishes she could go again.

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