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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hall for her offer of a subscription to the DAR Magazine and asks that she have the subscription sent to the library.


Martha writes to Miss Guyles to correct the reports that Berry is no longer in need of money, she lays out the information about how the only money that will be available to the school is the interest. Martha asks that she relay that to the DARs in the state, as Berry is still in need of funds from donors.

The new Regent of the Denver Chapter of DAR, Margaret Buchtel, writes Martha Berry to inform her they have not yet decided if they will be able to make a contribution to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Beatrice Mellinger says that a memorial gift for William C. Egan ought to only be decided upon after speaking with Mrs. Egan.


Nell MacDonald writes to Berry to request material about Berry to share at an upcoming DAR meeting.


Anna Taft Buck, the Regent of the South Parish Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Republic) offering to send clothing, shoes and other items to the Berry Schools.


Martha Berry sends Mrs. Smiley literature to help her with a paper for the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Anna Kendall writes to Martha with a check from a DAR Chapter to help with the rebuilding of a new dorm.

Mrs. Curtner, treasurer, sends $20 to The Berry Schools from the Santa Isabel Chapter of the DAR in San Jose, California.

Donation letter of $15.00 voted upon by Chapter members.


Invitation to New Jersey to meeting with other DAR Chapters in January or February of some year (date unknown).


Mrs. Willey writes to Martha to inform her that they don't give out a roster of the Chapter Regents and gives her the address where she may direct her communications.

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