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Martha Berry writes to thank Harriet V. Rigdon for the donation from the DAR chapters in Georgia, California, Missouri and New Jersey.

This letter is directed to the treasurer of the Berry Schools and regards a donation from Dr. N. J. Magill sent through the Presque Isle Chapter of the DAR to the Berry schools for 150 dollars.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Grace H. Brosseau, Treasurer General of the N. S. D. A. R., informing Miss Berry of their donation of $3556.54 for Patriotic Education.

This is letter to Alice G. Gadsden from Martha Berry thanking Gadsden for the donation of $100.00 from the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Maude Cleghorn, DAR Registrar, indicates to Miss Berry that the Nebraska Chapters DAR adopted a new Budget System where every worthy cause would receive the same amount of money each year. She explains this in response to Miss Berry's letter asking for a donation of $150.

Letter to Mrs. Adam M. Wyant, Treasurer General for the N. S. DAR. from Martha Berry asking her to acknowledge their receipt of check of $602.00 for D. A. R. Chapters. They also thank them for the continued interest in the work at Berry.

Martha writes to Mrs. Brosseau acknowledging the check for gifts sent to the College, and sending blessing to the life of each DAR member.



Letter is in response to a letter inquiring about the regent of the Oklahoma City Chapter. Mrs Warren is the state treasurer.

Letter from Louis B. von Gross, Treasurer of the Flag House Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, to Miss Martha Berry enclosing a $5.00 donation from the Flag House Chapter towards the Berry Schools appeal for support.

Durst encloses $10 on behalf of the Col. Benjamin Harrison Chapter of the DAR.

Julia M. Lucas sends a ckeck for $5 on behalf of the Lucy Merriwether Chapter, D.A.R.


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