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Mr. Arnold thanks Martha Berry for some jelly she sent for Christmas.

Letter thanking Martha Berry for the jelly she sent her for Christmas.

Jarger writes to Berry, apologizing for her lateness in responding to her appeal. She hopes that the response to the latest Highlander will be quick and plentiful, and that the Schools were remembered at Christmas. She also sends along a package for a student whom Santa forgot.

Mrs. Cowles is asking Miss Berry to send her some literature on her life and work so that she can present a paper on the subject to her literary club.

Mr. Cox provides $50 for Miss Berry and the Berry Scholars as a Christmas remembrance.


Letter from Mary Hepburn wishing Martha Berry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, enclosed with a $150.00 donation.


Henry C. Heinz and Mrs. Heinz thank Martha Berry for the turkey sent to them at Christmas time.

Mrs. Hardenbergh thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton and jelly she received at Christmas time and sends a $100.00 contribution in return.

Ellen R. Hathaway explains that she cannot make a donation to the Schools until May, as she has in the past. She also asks Martha Berry not to send her any jam for Christmas.

Miss E. Keel A. Halel writes to Martha Berry to thank her for the Christmas gift and to express her sorrows over the drought Martha Berry experieced in the summer.



M. Hapgood is sending a dollar donation for Christmas time--she wishes she could send more for the schools.


Letter to Martha Berry on behalf of Mrs. E.H. Harriman thanking her for the Christmas box she sent.

Emily Hammond thanks Martha Berry for sending cake and cotton, and wishes everyone a prosperous year. Hammond's first name is erroneously given as "Emery".


Emily Aisenbey and the Hammond Mother's Civic Club extend their Christmas wishes and prayers to Berry and the School.

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