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M.S.H. Bowles asks to hear about a student named Sam because she has donated money on this student's behalf.

The author expresses his wish that he could give more money to the school and hopes that he can hear more about the work that the schools are doing when he is in better health.

Walter F. Hicks donates $1 for the fund.



Walter F. Hicks sends a donation of $5 as an Easter gift for the fund.

The document is a list of names and addresses with monetary amounts entitled "Berry Silver Roll". The amounts are totaled to $446 at the bottom of the list.

This is a letter written to Miss Berry from Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell is sending her apologies to Miss Berry because she knows this is a tough time for her in her work, and she must have her hands full. Mrs. Mitchell has enclosed a small amount of money and wishes she could help Miss Berry out more.

This is a scratch sheet of numbers calculating the amount of money brought in from the drought appeal letters from August 12, 1930 to October 17, 1930.

Mr. Hubbell contributes $5.


This is a list of work that needs to be done at Pilgrim Hall and the amount of money each job will cost. The total is also added up and included on the bottom of the sheet.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. Hamill thanking her for her check of five dollars. Miss Berry expresses that they have almost one thousand students at Berry and with the recent drought the students need more clothes and to be furnished more than ever.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from the W.E. Browne Decorating Co. saying that they received her check for 500 dollars. They are also thanking her for the remittance.

Mrs. Elwood Wagonhurst encloses a check for $10 and commends the Berry Schools

Laura M. Clay, a member of the Mary L. Neal Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, sent Martha Berry a $25 donation for the school. The money was left over from the Auxiliary's Missionary Society budget.

Receipt for $300.00 sent on behalf of Miss Elizabeth Berry by the Detroit & Secruity Trust Co.

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