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Lily F. Carpenter encloses a donation of $150 as the second half of the scholarship in memory of her sister. She also mentioned a request for clothing in Southern Highlander and includes a package of clothing provides by a friend hoping to answer some need.

W. K. Ballantyne writes to ask Miss Berry if he could have some copies of an issue of Southern Highlander that include information on her work. He wants to distribute them to the children of a Boys and Girls home. He thanks her for her wonderful work.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Achelis to thank her for writing a "splendid" article about Berry and says that they will use it in the next edition of the Highlander without her name as she requested. She thanks her for her support as a New York Pilgrim.

Mrs. Jane Bruere writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the gift of a copy of the Southern Highlander as well as a copy of The Sunday Lady of Possum Trot.

Mr. Hardy notifies the schools that he has received two copies of the Southern Highlander. He indicates that Mrs. Hardy, the addressee of one copy, has died and that Catharine Green DAR Chapter, the addressee of the second, is at a different address. He advises Berry to update the mailing list accordingly.

Harrison sends a second contribution, having read of the school's needs in a recent issue of the Southern Highlander.

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