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Acknowlegment of donation of used bible. P.S. Suggests that future bibles be sent elsewhere.


Martha Berryacknowledges and thanks Mr Eastman for his $10,000 gift sent through Mr Ochs; she assures him that his gift will help many rural boys and girls to become splendid American citizens

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Miss Cuyler for her contribution of $250 during a time when Berry's need was great.


Bertha Brooks sends Miss Berry $100 annual gift.

This letter is to The Berry Schools to enclose a gift of five dollars to contribute towards the institution.

Martha writes to Dr. Jacobs thanking him for his gift towards the endowment at Berry.

This is a thank-you letter from Miss Berry to a woman named Mrs. Henderson for her generous gift. Miss Berry tells her what her money is going towards: fulfilling a promise of education to some boys and girls she met in desolate cabins in the mountains.

Martha Berry writes to thank Mr. Hatfield for his kind donation and tells him she thinks it will be a successful year at Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hammond for sending a gift that will benefit some of the girls at the schools who have musical and artistic talents. She also hopes he will visit the schools at some point.


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