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Mrs. Edward Ellwanger (L.C. Ellwanger) writes that she has enclosed a check for $150 to give a "boy or girl a chance of Berry for one year".

S. J. Life writes to Martha Berry to send to her and the Berry Schools a check before retiring to a winter home in Coconut Grove, Florida with family.

Alice S. Mead sends a check of one dollar from her sister, Hannah S. Mead, as well as from herself.


A letter from Martha Berry asking for donations. Mrs. Miller returned the letter with a donation.

The letter is letting the gentlemen from Fahy Store know that they forgot to sign the check that they sent. The check was for $25.00 to the Endowment Fund.

Miss Eliza R. Greenwood donates $25 to the Berry Schools and writes a letter letting Miss Berry know what is enclosed.

Mr. Day sends a check for $25 to help rebuild the dormitory destroyed by the fire.

This is a letter saying the cashier has enclosed a check for the Berry School Fund.


Edna Lee sends a check for $10 to help Eugene.


Mrs. Charlotte Y. Paul sends her mother's check to Martha Berry


Letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. Clairice A. Guilford enclosing a check for the Berry School and requesting the name of a family in need whom she could send some used children's clothing to.

Annie writes to Martha with a check for the Berry School.


Hartley writes to Martha with a check for $2,000 in connection to the campaign Mr. Ochs has been doing to raise money for the school. They also hope to see Martha the next time she is in New York.



Mrs. Nell Cunningham sends Mr. Maddox, Treasurer of the Berrt(y) Schools, her check for $75.

Letter from Asa G. Candler, Jr.'s secretary to Martha Berry paying $12,500 for Mr. Candler's third installment on his subscription to the Berry Schools.

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