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Miss Bupthell writes that she is disappointed that her plans were changed so that she cannot visit the school. She encloses a $25 check to help with the work.

Miss Berry asks Dr. Brown to come speak at the Berry Schools.

Martha writes to Miss Billings to thank her for all that she did while they were in New York.


Letter of thanks after a visit by Martha Berry to New York. References a Mr. Kelsey and a million dollar campaign. Also references a Mr. Harkness who will not give to any Southern Mountain School.

Letter telling Mr. Beirwirth of an upcoming visit to his office.

John E. Bierwirth informs Miss Berry that he has written to Mr. Carlson and will seem them both in his office to meet Mr. Jones on March 5th.

Martha Berry asks Preston Arkright if his company can donate an electric range to her school and says it would give him free advertising. She also invites him and his wife to travel up from Atlanta for a visit.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Clark for the letter of sympathy after the death of her mother. She also expresses her enjoyment after Mrs. Clark's recent visit and wishes she will visit the schools again.

Miss Berry expresses to Miss Woodberry that she will make every effort to be at Macon on April 15th, but she believes her busy schedule will prevent her from leaving the schools. She thanks Miss Woodberry for the opportunity and will do her best to make the engagement.



Martha writes to Mrs. Wyman with an update on Virginia and if she comes South that Martha would love to visit with Mrs. Wyman.


Letter regarding the visit of Miss Young to the Berry Schools, and a request of notification so that proper arrangements can be made.



A letter to Mrs. Laura M. White from The Berry Schools thanking Mrs. White for her gift and discussing an imminent visit. This letter was written on the back of an appeal letter to friends of the Schools for names of prospective new friends.

Invitation to Mr. Walpole to visit Berry Schools while on a visit to Shorter College in Rome, GA.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Sturges to tell her that she could accept her invitation to visit in November and asks when would be a convenient time for her to come. She notes that it would be good that she visits so she may gain new friends and raise interest for Berry in Phildelphia.


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Jessie Powers writes Martha Berry to detail how much she enjoyed her visit to the school. She also informs Martha Berry that she will be seeing a doctor soon to see if she is well enough to work and return to the school the following year.

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