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F. W. McMillan thanks Miss Berry for her expression of Christmas greetings and takes pleasure in enclosing $150 for Berry's great work.

Letter to Elizabeth H. Kerns from Martha Berry informing her that she received the $2500 that the DAR Treasure-General forwarded to the Berry Schools. She thanks them for such a scholarship and informs them that they have 700 boys and girls working at the schools. She also admits that they are training these boys and girls to be good citizens of America and that America needs the types of boys and girls the schools are training. She thanks them again and hopes that The Berry Schools will always have the interest of the Ohio DAR chapters.

Mr. Loomis writes with his donation of $150 for a scholarship for one particular boy.

Mrs. Bauder asks for further information concerning a scholarship donation of one hundred and fifty dollars for "Eugene" for seminary education.


In this letter Martha Berry discusses the possible methods of payment for the D.A.R. scholarship.

Mrs. James Boyd sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

Miss Brown sends a money order for $25 for Eugene's scholarship, but if it has already been supplied, she requests that the money be applied to another scholarship.

Mrs. Arthur D. Baldwin sends $15 in response to an appeal letter about scholarships.

Miss Charlotte S. Baker sends $100 to the Berry Schools.

The letter asks for scholarship donations and shows a receipt of $10 from Haas and Allen Race.

Mrs. D. C. Irish sends $300.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. James for her donation. She extensively elaborates on how much the mountain children will appreciate her help.

Ella Hendrickson sends Martha Berry a check to cover the cost of one scholarship.

Hazard is glad to provide for Robert's scholarship with a gift of $150.

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