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Martha writes to Miss Woodman saying that she is thankful for the gift that she sent to the Berry Schools. She sent the check back to make correction as there was conflicting information on the check about the amount.

Mr. Welch encloses a check for $100. He also asks whether his donation was late or on time.



Miss Louise B. White sends a check for $15 which she asks to go towards the keep of Eugene.


Grace H. Wells writes to Martha Berry sending her a check for $5 along with her hope that God blesses her, and through her, all the children at The Berry Schools.


Miss Talmage sends a $20.00 check to the Berry Schools to be used towards the new dormitory or for the general work of the schools.

Miss Frances Robinson treasurer from the Tau Alpha Episilon sorority wrote a check for $65.00 to the Berry School located in Mount Berry, Georgia. This check was a small amount from a charity bridge tea to help with some buildings that had burned down.

This letter is from George Tyson to Martha Berry regarding a check. The letter discusses a potential student named Eugene, likely Eugene Gunby.

Louis Morris Star sends a check for $2,500 which he says is the first installment of his subscription of $10,000 towards the Endowment Fund.

Marjorie Rallson sent Martha Berry a $15 donation for The Berry Schools.

In this letter to Rich & Bros Co. Martha Berry sends a check for 55.32 for a coat she purchased. She also states that she hasn't bought anything else so there must be an error in the statement they sent her.

Mrs. Sailer sends a $150 check for scholarship at the Berry Schools.

The Trust Company encloses a $10 check at the request ofJennie B Ruspoli

Miss M. Ellen Richards sends a check for $5 and says that she would send more if salaries at work were higher and her expenses lower.


Mrs. Murphy informs Martha Berry that she has enclosed a check for $10 to help the Berry Schools.

Mr. Hogan writes to Miss Berry to tell her that Mrs. Emery is in receipt of her letter about her annual payment of $2,500. He encloses Mrs. Emery's check and asks for a receipt.

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