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Emma B. Hopkins thanks the students for the time she spent visiting them. She congratulates them on receiving an education in this environment, and she stresses how grateful they will be one day for Miss Berry.

Letter says that Martha Berry is in New York and will not be back in Rome during the Hilles' visit there, and invites Mr. & Mrs. Hilles to visit the school anyway.



Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hills for the invitation to come and visit him but she tells him she might not be able to make it due to her summer plans being undetermined.

The Pilgrims thank Martha Berry for her hospitality on their visit to the Schools and praise the school, students, Miss Berry, and her coworkers.

O. W. Fraser writes that he is coming for a visit on Friday and will bring the tulips and peonies with him.

Clara Ford invites Martha Berry to stay with her in Dearborn to chat, see her gardens, and take a ride in her boat.


Edsel Ford sends Martha Berry a telegram telling her of a planned visit the next day.

Letter to Jno. W. Frothingham from Martha Berry thanking him for his gift to the schools. Miss Berry informs him that they have too many boys and girls at the schools and she expresses her fears that some of them may have to drop out of school. She also hopes that he and his family will visit Berry. She tells him that if he does visit that he won't regret a single investment he has made in Berry. Miss Berry also wishes Mrs. Frothingham and their daughter well.

A letter to a Mrs J. H. Franklin wishing her and her family well-wishes, as well as a desire for her to come visit the school. Likely a major contributor.



Martha Berry invites Miss Dey, her friend Miss Van Norden, and her brother Dr. Dey to visit Berry. Martha asks Miss Dey to spread word about the needs of Berry to her friends at school in Providence, RI. Martha asks for the name and address of a woman that is cleaver at weaving so she can write her.

Letter to Mrs Ramsay stating Berry is away from the schools, but if she is near Hingham, Mass. in January of 1928 she could probably visit the DAR chapter there.

Letter from the Martha Berry to Mr. R. Fulton Cutting about visiting The Schools. She encloses a schedule with the letter and explains the transportation options.

Martha Berry expresses that she knew Mr. Curtis years ago in his mothers home in Boston, and has always wanted him to visit the Berry schools. She says that he would be interested in the work they are doing.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that she cannot make any plans because her sister was critically injured in an automobile accident. She says that she hopes to be in New York later to visit.


Martha Berry writes Agnes Carpenter to offer her condolences upon the passing of Mrs. Macy, a friend of the school. She also extends Miss Carpenter an invitation to visit Berry.

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