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Martha writes to MIss Liggett to thank her and everyone who sent the gift from the LIggett School.

This letter was sent by Miss Viola Luce to Miss Berry with a check for $10.00. She also tells Miss Berry about her love for a poem Miss Berry wrote.


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A letter thanking Mrs Key for a pine needle basket that was sent to the Berry Schools art department. The letter also included to check to pay Mrs Key back the postage.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kennedy, thanking her for her gift and her interest in the boys and girls at Berry. She says that she is walking out on her "little 'plank of faith'" to work for the schools.

Martha Berry sends a letter to friends requesting a gift of $150 in order to keep the "American born boys and girls" at Berry and away from "a hopeless environment".

Mrs. Jenks is pleased to send a small check to aid Miss Berry's splendid work and wishes her check was many time larger.

In response to Miss Berry's letter, Louis sends $150 and announces that he accepts Miss Berry's invitation and will leave on January 14th for his visit to Berry.

Mary Hepburn is thanked for her gift of $150.00. The new spring term has opened, and there are several new boys and girls.

Martha writes to Harrison to thank her for the gift that she left with Alice Wingo.

This letter is thanking Mr. Erwin Holt for his gift that he made to the Berry Schools. Martha Berry also tells Mr. Holt about her first trip across the ocean in sixteen years to Carlsbad.

Miss Berry asks for the lace Miss Hardy mentioned in a previous letter.



Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Hagedorn for forwarding the gift from Mrs. Howe and she believes the Berry Schools offers the training that young people need.


Letter to E. J. Gamble from Martha Berry sending her thanks for her gift to Berry. She then proceeds to tell Mrs. Gamble that their work at the Berry Schools is going well but that it's becoming harder to "make ends meat" and that their needs continue to grow. Miss Berry calls on her friends to help them as never before. Miss Berry informs Mrs. Gamble that they have hooked rugs ranging in price and that she will forward whatever size rug she wanted.

Gift to Martha Berry from Anna Gisher



Marths writes to Mr. Behm thanking him for the gift that the school received from him. She mentions that the school year has started off well with a full school again as well.

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