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Martha writes to Elizabeth to apologize she hadn't received the letter acknowledging the boxes that were sent to the Berry Schools.


Miss Martha Berry wrote a letter to Mr. Hall for donating clothes to the Berry Schools. She extends her gratitude and hopes he will stop by if he is ever in the area.

Mrs Gibbud has sent some gifts by parcel post and hopes that the contents will be helpful



Martha Berry thanks Miss Furness for sending a package of dresses, and apologizes for a previous acknowledgement for a package of scraps.

Miss Berry asks Mrs. Wyman to express her thanks to Annie for the clothing she sent. She also says she will see if Virginia can use any of the clothing.


Mrs. York sends a box of clothes for the Berry students.

Mary Milling writes to Martha Berry to inform her that she has sent a box of clothing as a donation to the school. She says that the gowns are not as clean as they could be but she decided to send the money she would have spent at the cleaner to The Berry Schools.

Beaten biscuit recipe, dairy help for Mrs. Hodgeon, and asking Miss Berry to give her away at wedding.

Mrs. Swett says she enjoyed the preserved water melon rind that was sent to her. She sends in return a check for $15 and a bundle containing various clothing.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Reed for her offer to help with magazine subscriptions.

Martha Berry corresponds with G. Leland Green about boys going in to town out of uniform and without their blue caps.

Berry asks if Fuller can remake a dress and coat into one dress that she can wear for mornings at Bar Harbor.

Sarah Forbes sends a check for $3 and tells Martha Berry to tell her if she is ever in need of clothing.


Letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. Clairice A. Guilford enclosing a check for the Berry School and requesting the name of a family in need whom she could send some used children's clothing to.

Martha Berry writes to Emma Lanterman thanking her for the donation of clothing and the visit of Dr. Stearns. She also states that she is separately sending her a copy of "The Story of the Berry Schools" and concerned about having to turn away students due to lack of funding.

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