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Card expressing appreciation to Martha Berry from an alum. The author mentions a small gift has been included with the card. This appears to be a formal, two-sided card, and there is a graphic included.

This is a letter from Dr. Ancil Wright from the Young Peoples Christian Union of St. Petersburg, Florida that came enclosed with a check for $25 to go toward the Berry Schools.

A letter to Mrs. Laura M. White from The Berry Schools thanking Mrs. White for her gift and discussing an imminent visit. This letter was written on the back of an appeal letter to friends of the Schools for names of prospective new friends.

On January 24, 1927, Mrs. W.H.H Lewis, Cor. Sec. Jefferson Co. Chapter U.D.C., includes a gift from the organization to the Berry School along with good wishes.

Mrs. Henry S. Walter (Martha Walter) sends a gift to Martha Berry for the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks the Rev. for the gift from The Walter Lowrie Club which he sent.She also thanks him for his interest in Berry and for telling his friends about Berry

Gift of a blue cloak to Martha Berry.



A letter from Bessie P.E. Swift (Mrs. George M.) to Martha Berry sent with a check to help fund Martha Berry's work.


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Shepard wants to remember Berry by providing a small gift of $10.

A letter from Anna Smith and the senior girls to Martha Berry, donating $5.70 they had been saving for a party to be used instead to replace Crozier Hall, which was destroyed by a fire.


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Martha writes to Mr. Rescor to thank him for the gift that he sent to Berry. She writes that she hopes that he will visit when he comes south and recounts about one of her friends writing to the Pictorial Review in hopes of wining it.

Letter thanks Miss Roe for the gift she left when she visited.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Rea thanking her for her gift and expresses her regret that they will be unable to see each other at Berry or Palm Beach.

This is a donation letter to the Berry Schools from Mrs. Charles Proctor for a $10.00 gift.

Martha Berry writes to apologize for sending a Christmas gift addressed to Miss Van Vrenenburgh who passed away. Although the Berry schools know that Vrenenburgh died, they keep her name on the active mailing list because her estate regularly continues to send donations.

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