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Helen S. Milligan writes Martha Berry to inform her that, after reading an appeal for clothing in "The Magazine," she has sent a box of clothing on behalf of her organization/school (97S?). The donated clothes come from the leftovers of their rummage sale, and while she insists that none of the items are remarkable, she hopes that they will find good use at the Berry Schools.

This is a thank you letter to Miss Liggett of the Liggett School from The Berry Schools for sending boxes of clothing and books to the school. Martha Berry was not at the school at the time, so The Berry Schools replied on behalf of Miss Berry.

Receipt stating that Liggett School sent three boxes of clothing and books.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hilsinger and her friends for their gift of clothing.

Martha Berry writes to thank Mrs. Charles D. Hastings for waists Mrs. Hastings sent, adding that dresses would be used, as well, either at Berry or in the community nearby.

Hilsinger reports that a box of clothing is on the way and expresses pleasure about the Orange Mountain DAR chapter's decision to contribute to Berry.


Martha writes to thank Miss Haskins for the gift that she sent to the school and the clothing in which she sent to the school. She also writes to Miss Haskins about having to "create" work as the students will not accept open charity, and encourages her to be an agent for the school in getting funds raised for the school.

Martha writes to Miss Fetheringham to pass along her thanks to Mrs. Stetson, since Martha does not have the address to send a letter of thanks directly to the Stetson's for the box of clothing.

Elizabeth Gutknecht writes to complain that she has not received acknowledgement for three boxes of clothing sent by her sewing circle several weeks before, and asks that the matter be given immediate attention.


Martha Berry thanks Miss Furness for sending her the dresses.

Miss Berry writes her condolences on the death of Mrs. Chas. Ford and offers the option of endowing a day in her memory.

Furness writes that she and her sisters will send six cotton summer dresses if Miss Berry would like to have them for some girl that may need them.

Letter from Richard Arnold G? To Martha Berry sent with clothing donation.

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