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A letter from Martha Berry explaining what she has done for the boys and girls of Berry, while also enclosing some literature about the work to Mrs. Bowen.

Berry sends instructions to Bonner, including having her send pictures, literature, and movies to her in Battle Creek.

Mrs. Cowles is asking Miss Berry to send her some literature on her life and work so that she can present a paper on the subject to her literary club.

Edith Harlan writes Martha Berry to ask for as much materials on the Berry Schools as she can because she has a sum of money to be donated, but is not quite sure where to donate.

Martha Berry lets Miss Hatfield know that she will be sending her some literature and hopes she will put it out for guests to pick up. Miss Berry also lets Miss Hatfield know that she would like to come visit and give a talk about Berry and show some things made by the students.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Harrington literature on the Berry Schools to help her better understand the work being done.

Luther Harrison lets Martha Berry know he has just read about her work and is interested in her school. He requests to be sent some literature on Berry so he may learn more about it.

Emily Hammond thanks Berry for the recent correspondence. Hammond hopes that the destoryed dormitory was insured.


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