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This letter was written by L. J. Sprague on behalf of H. E. Manville to Miss Berry. Mr. Manville generously donated $500.00 to the school to go toward the cost of asbestos shingles. L. J. Sprague explains that the letter was delayed because Mr. Manville had been ill.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Lynch for her and her father's gifts to the Berry Schools. She also invites them to come visit, especially with her father, so that they can both see what their gifts have provided.

Mrs. Warner Jones sends a gift to Martha Berry. Mrs. Jones feels remorse over a disaster that has occurred.



This thank you letter from Miss Berry is a response to a previous letter from Mrs. Wright saying she is able to send something to the students at the Berry Schools for Christmas if Miss Berry would like. Miss Berry tells her that any gift would make the Christmas brighter for the boys and girls.

Martha writes to Mrs. Hellerman that her gift was received and that acknowledgement was sent.


Letter to Mrs. Arthur L. Gillett from The Berry Schools thanking her for the letter of the 15th. They also inform her that they would be glad to send a gift on August 1st. They inform Mrs. Gillett that they are having a hard time taking care of all of the boys and girls that were at the school that summer. They also inform Mrs. Gillett that her gift will be gratefully received.

Mr. Livingood responds to Miss Berry's letter, apologizing that they cannot continue Mrs. Emery's gifts. He says that does not mean he would not consider it his duty to visit Miss Berry and see how Mrs. Emery's gifts are developing.

Gift of books for students of the school.


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E. R. Des Roches relates his trip to the Berry Schools and sends $25.

Martha Berry thanks the Presque Isle Chapter of the DAR for their gift.




This is a thank you letter to Mrs. A. S. Hewitt from Martha Berry thanking her for sending a box of clothing to The Schools. She also invites Mrs. Hewitt to visit Berry whenever she can.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Evans for the gift she sent to The Schools, saying it greatly encouraged her. She also says that gifts and investments will help the work go on through the years. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Evans to tell her friends all about The Berry Schools and the great need of funding they have.

Martha Berry thanks Dr. Sheldon from the gifts to Berry and expresses hopes that the school may continue to serve the boys and girls.

Martha writes to Mr. Funkhauser to thank him for the gift that was sent to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Foley for his monetary gift as their funds are currently low. She says that the work of the school is going well and trusts that blessings will come his way because of his generous interest.

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