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Martha Berry informs the recipients that the school has just lost its main dormitory to a fire. She asks for help in rebuilding the dormitory and making it fire-proof.

Elizabeth Harrison sympathizes with Martha Berry over the loss of the main dormitory and sends a $50 check to help.

Miss Ellen R. Hathaway sends $200 to help towards the fire.


Martha Berry lets her friend know that the school just lost their main dormitory in a fire. She is looking for any help she can get to rebuild the dormitory, this time making it fire-proof, so that the boys will be able to continue their education.

Emily Hammond thanks Berry for the recent correspondence. Hammond hopes that the destoryed dormitory was insured.


Hammond writes to Berry to tell her how enjoyable Hammond's recent trip to the schools was. Hammond was also sorry to hear about the dormitory fire and she included a donation with her letter.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond to tell her that newest boys' dormitory has just burnt down. The boys had not even moved into the building yet. Berry encloses pictures taken of the Pilgrims and one of the boys. She is glad to have Hammond's gift for the Gymnasium and reports that news from Mr. Ochs about the Campaign is sometimes discouraging.


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