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Mr. Kreth mentions his sister who has donated to the Berry Schools before and encloses his own donation of $25.

Katharine D. Moore of the Katherine Gaylord Chapter D.A.R., asks Martha Berry if she received the thousand dollars they sent for a student loan memorial fund.


Edith B, writes on behalf of Mrs. Dunham and encloses a $50 to help with the fire that recently took a dormitory.

Mrs. Churchill, treasurer of the New Jersey Daughters of the American Revolution, sends a donation of $155 to the Berry Schools from multiple chapters.

Mrs. Cole encloses a donation of $10 to the Berry Schools which is coming from the Marshfield Chapter of D.A.R.

Mrs. Wyant encloses a check for $974.50 which has been donated by Chanters and asks that Miss Berry acknowledges the receipt of officers named.

Six different D.A.R. Chapters sent a donation to the Berry Schools that totaled in $515.


Miss Berry writes to the Treasurer General of the D.A.R. as an acknowledgment of the $701 dollars donated from the different Chapters. Miss Berry thanks her for the interest and help the D.A.R. has shown and asked for a list of the names of all State Officers for their records.

Ms. Lake donates $10 to Martha Berry and also sends well wishes for the holidays.

Miss Hallert donates $10 and hopes the crops will be good this year.

Julia M. Lucas sends a ckeck for $5 on behalf of the Lucy Merriwether Chapter, D.A.R.


Mr. Loomis writes with his donation of $150 for a scholarship for one particular boy.

Mrs. Cassidy sends a $35.00 donation to the Berry Schools.

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