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Miss Sanford writes to Martha Berry to inform her she has sent two boxes of clothing that she hopes will be of use to the students.

Martha writes to Mrs. Roop to thank her for the coat that was sent to the schools. Martha also writes that she hopes that Mrs. Hoop would visit the school as well as hope that she has the gymnasium still in mind.

Ellen Rodney tells Martha Berry that she has sent a clothing donation to the Berry Schools.


H. M. McCulloch, a representative from Peerless Woolen Mills, offers to send the Berry School some of their goods, including boys' clothing and girls' coats and dresses.

Richard Peters writes to Martha Berry to thank her for the calendar which was sent to his mother. He also inquires into whether or a not a trunk of clothes they sent to the school was received.

This letter informs the Berry Schools that they had been given a generous donation from the Misses Alice and Dorothy Oxtoby.

Rankin asks if the Berry schools are for both boys and girls, and if they are for white children, "not colored."

Annie Fitz-Randolph read in the magazine that Berry would appreciate clothing donations so she took the liberty of sending a box of clothing in the hope that Miss Berry could use them or would know of someone who could.

Mary Nevius writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the gift of cotton balls she received from the Berry Schools during the holiday season. She briefly talks about her fascination with cotton balls, her intention to send clothing to the Schools, her hopes that the new dormitory has been completed, and her dismay at having been snowed into her house for the last few days.

Harriet writes to Martha about her own school in Vermont where she now supervises and mentions that she has sent a check to help support The Berry Schools. Harriet also mentions how her principal read about Martha in the local paper and mentions how she meant to send clothes and wished to know if Martha still had a use for them at Berry.

Alice A. Morris asks Martha Berry whether or not she received the two boxes of clothes she sent.


Letter to Jane P. Myer from Martha Schools informing Miss Myer that they accept any donations no matter how small. She is also informed that they also accept donations of clothes and linen. She is informed that they particularly need pillow cases and sheets for their guest rooms as well as face and hand towels for the schools hospital and that anything her society wished to give would be greatly appreciated.

Martha Berry writes that Donald's clothes are in use by some Foundation School boys. She writes that her mother passed away on December 30 and was buried on New Years day with all eight of her children present.

Julie V. Loew writes Martha Berry inquiring about clothing donations, informs Martha Berry of her mother's passing, and provides her new address.

The Berry Schools express their regret that Miss Loew's mother has died, as she was always so invested into the schools. They hope Miss Loew will continue her mother's work with the schools and explain how donation of old clothing works.

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