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This appeal letter asks for aid to the school in the form of monetary donations so they may continue to provide services for needy children. The bottom of the letter contains a handwritten note: "Miss Lambon's appeal"

Miss Brewton responds to Martha Berry's query that 82 of the male students are of draft age. She confirms Berry's instructions that no one else be allowed to use the typewriter in her office.


Mattie Galbraith writes to Martha Berry to decline Berry's offer to take care of her (Galbraith's) "little negro" and to detail plans to visit Berry.

Mattie Galbraith lets Martha Berry know that she will come down and try to help.


Martha Berry writes to the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) with the hope that they will continue to fund scholarships at Berry, so the school can continue to stay open.


Mr. Keown writes to Mr. Farris to ask a number of logistical questions, such as if the glee club from the Berry School will perform a program for Farris.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Tribble that she will try to come to his Commencement if she is available because she is very proud of him and his work.

Berry asks Galbraith if she would like to come to the Berry School and work as a matron. She would be paid thirty dollars a month with room and board.

Mr. Keown writes to W. Farris Tribble to inform him that the glee club from the Berry School will most likely be able to attend his Commencement. Mr. Keown may not be able to attend but Martha Berry would like to attend.

Martha Berry asks Miss Brewton to report how many of their male students are of draft age and requests that she does not let anyone else use her typewriter.

Berry appeals to a "Friend" to donate money to the Berry School so it might keep its doors open during the war and continue to provide a good education for children in need.

Martha Berry hopes that Miss Galbraith will arrive at the school very soon and is glad to have her come.

Berry asks Leggett to change the printed tuition amount in the catalog to forty-five dollars per term for four months.

Martha Berry appeals to Mrs. Smith to donate money to the school or to create a scholarship so they can continue to educate the "crude and untrained" children of the area.

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